Around the globe, poverty, taboo, misinformation, and superstition can make managing menstruation debilitating and even deadly.


Our goal


We want to begin a conversation surrounding the needs of menstruating people, specifically those with physiological and functional needs that are practical and objective, such as access, choice, affordability, and usability. We hope that through creating an open conversation, we can discourage stigma and inform people about menstruation needs different from their own.



Cost of Menstruation in the United States 

the average person in a developed nation spends about $18,000 over the course of a lifetime for period related items, including pads, tampons, liners, pain medication, heating pads, new underwear, birth control, comfort food, etc.


in most states, menstrual products are excluded from tax exemptions afforded to other medical and health supplies such as lip balm, men's razors, and viagra.