Get Involved!


You can help relieve the burden of a period by supporting one of the organizations below and by continuing the conversation with your networks online.



PERIOD is a non-profit organization run by young activists who are passionate about the cause and eager to make a difference. They provide support by supplying donations, doing educational outreach, and advocating for menstrual equity. 

Participate in “the menstrual movement”: host a PERIOD party to collect donations, start a local chapter, or become a sponsor.


Lava Mae

Lava Mae converts city buses into showers on wheels to provide clean facilities for personal hygiene to the homeless in California. They serve their guests with hospitality, and offer toolkits for others to start similar services in cities around the world. 

Help Lava Mae create opportunities for people who are experiencing homelessness: donate funds, purchase essential toiletry supplies, or become a volunteer.


The Dignity Campaign

The Dignity Campaign by the Dream Corps’ #cut50 initiative advocates the passage of crucial legislation that will improve the quality of life of incarcerated women. The proposed Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act seeks to require access to a greater range of health care, including sufficient menstrual care products in prisons.

Join the fight for dignity: volunteer or donate through #cut50.


Period protection should not be a privilege!