This project was spearheaded by the design and brand strategy interns at ThoughtMatter, a branding studio with an artful perspective. 


Niki Giokas

Niki Giokas is completing her BFA in Graphic Design at the Visual Arts Conservatory at SUNY Purchase. Frustrated with the awkwardness and taboo surrounding menstruation, she uses her knowledge of art and design to shift the way this natural occurrence is viewed by society. She started by creating a giant vagina-shaped tampon dispenser and installing it in restrooms on campus, and has been creating work surrounding this subject ever since.


Carina Sandoval

Carina is a recent graduate of the Masters in Branding program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She completed her thesis on the subject of feminism and co-launched a grassroots collective called We Are Not Finished, which advocates for the passing of the Equal Rights Amendment. Her knowledge of women’s issues and related legislation has informed her research for this project.